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Prepare to Judge With RMCGA this Season

by 3. January 2013 09:31

Message from Cheif Judge Tim Tilley


I need your:

Full address
W-9 for Peggy (send to me, I'll forward to Peggy.)  print/fill/scan and return, please.
as many contact numbers as you have... (mine are below for you)
What captions you trialed last year.
What captions you feel comfortable judging and at what level.
Review the attached.  Don't throw things or scream if you disagree.  Trying to meet the TF/BoD/Membership in the middle while doing the right thing for you/me/them/us and the circuit on the finance side.
Tell me what you like or don't like.  Don't write a friggin' book.
If I've sent you an email with an assignment, acknowlege that please.
Please start looking for dress pants and/or "non-denim" items to wear while judging.  No blue jeans.  Let me know if this is a problem for you.  Send your sizes.  There is an upscale Goodwill by the house, I'll cover you.
Give me your feedback about how training is going so I can put together something for the board.
Expectation is that you will be at one or the other of the preview shows.  Talk as a group, face to face.  There will probably be a rendesvous after for letting off steam/favorite beverages, early abortion pill etc.
My personal life is a mess right now with more on my plate than I can handle.  There are no issues, I'm just being honest.... but, we need to talk.... I need you to keep reading the manual.
Oh, did I mention home study?  I have the WGI home study from a few years back for each caption.  I want to work on these as an "in-process" project throughout the season.  I'm going to do the Ens and GE again.  Expectations are that you will complete for the captions you judge (see above) and the other "like" captions:  upstairs/downstairs.
Cheers and stuff.

Timothy L. Tilley


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Judge Training_Judge Basics Reveiw

by 17. December 2012 23:31


Kevin Bell provided a comprehensive training that abortion pill cytotec shares the philosophy and

framework for behind being a Judge and understanding the responsibilites and roles.

RMCGA  Workshp_Judge Training_Basics Review


1  .What is  your first responsisbility as a Judge?  


2.  What is your second responsibility as a Judge?



3.  What are the similarites between Box 1 and Box 5?


4.  What is the definition of a profile?


5.  Name the 3 parts of the Box?


7.  "Seldom" is the descriptor for how the unit is achieving in which Box?


8.  Moderate and Definitive describe: How many tenths are in the spread?


9.  Name the bottom 2 units in "A" Class Finals last year?





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Workshop_Audio Conferencing Features

by 16. December 2012 18:57


Audio Conferencing Features and Tools

Because Workshop's audio services are fully integrated with web services, audio customers have free access to a set of web-based audio controls that allow you to actually see the participants and audio controls right on your computer screen or you can use your phone keypad to manage the call.
Every Workshop account includes the following audio conferencing features:
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  • Entry Announcements: Select silence, tone or name announce to play when participates join.
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  • Call Continuation: Conference chairperson can enable the call to continue after they hang up.
  • Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute an individual or all participants.
  • Listen Only: Restrict participants from unmuting their line.
  • Operator Support: abortion milwaukee Access an operator for support anytime during your call.
  • Passcode Security: Set a passcode for added call security.
  • Record: Record your audio calls with the click of a button or use your phone to start a recording.
  • Active Speaker (web only): Quickly identify who is speaking or which line is causing disruptive background noise.
  • Audio Quick Start (web only): The conference bridge will dial-out directly to you, getting the call started faster.



Workshop_Web Conferencing Features-

by 16. December 2012 18:48


Conferencing that Includes Everything

Unlike other web conferencing services, Workshop doesn’t make you pick-and-choose features or limit the way you use them. Every account comes with tools for planning and promoting your meeting or web event, sharing content and interacting with your audience and following up and leveraging your recorded content.
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Full-Featured Tool Set

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Real Time Collaboration

Cutbacks in business travel, more flexible work schedules and advances in technology have increased the demand and value of online collaboration. The ability to jump on a web conference and view the same content, applications and documents is no longer a “nice to have”--it’s a business necessity



Workshop_Account Features

by 16. December 2012 18:27



Workshop provides your recordings a home for archiving that's easy to access.

Marketing Toolbox  

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A request must be made in order to collect earnings and you must have accrued a total of $100 dollars in your account.  Payouts are done on a 90 day cycle.



RMCGA 2012-13 Educator/Instructor Training Syllabus

by 27. November 2012 23:28





Provide a comprehensive and interactive training that provide new judges the knowledge and skills to judge in RMCGA Circuit and be a resource of ongoing professional development for members of RMCGA. Understand the responsibilities, roles, and the expectations.


1.        Understanding of Judge Basics and Principles

a.       Philosophy

b.      Sampling

c.       Ranking/Rating

d.      Neighborhoods

e.      Scoring

f.        Numbers Management

g.       How to give good tapes

h.      Ethics


2.       Applying Judges Basics and Principles

a.       Exercises – Round Robin, Developing and Using  good vocabulary (making tapes)

b.      Trailing – Mentoring, trialing at shows


3.        Understanding the Captions

a.       General Effect

b.      Movement

c.       Equipment

d.      Ensemble


4.       Be able to identify and reward “the what” for each of the classes.

a.       The use of the captions/sub captions

b.      130/70 and 100/100


5.       How to give a good tape

a.       Develop a range of vocabulary to be used in your feedback

b.      WGI Philosophy of Judging





The checklist will be used an assessment that will be used to keep track of the skills and disciplines you develop.  You will need to have Judge Coordinator or Chief Judge sign off on these before your training can be complete.

1.       Display the Understanding of the caption you judge

2.       Demonstrated the characteristics outline in the code of Ethics and Conduct

3.       Be able to identify the skills that define each class and assess reward

4.       Demonstrate the understanding of Rank/Rating 

5.       Demonstrate the understanding of Numbers management

6.       Complete your trialing onsite



As leaders in the community we must provide a transparent way in which he make decisions and protect the credibility of our process.

Judges are expected complete training by attending all webinars that pertain to their caption training, Evaluation Show, and completed checklist.  It must be signed off by the Judge Coordinator/Chief Judge.  Future assessments will be made from the Judge Coordinator, Chief Judge, and Task Force.  These assessments will be used as a resource in protecting your rights as a judge that can be put into jeopardy if you do not provide our circuit the quality judging they deserve.  Quality service is judged by the consistency of your tapes and numbers.  An inconsistency in these deliverables may result in the inability for you to be served and assignment. Judges will be expected to perform by consistent tapes and numbers.  A record of activity will be used as a historical reference of performance.  Inconsistent performance may result in aspiration abortion the loss of judging assignments.

Note:  Decisions regarding assignments are made by the Judge Coordinator, Chief Judge, and a member of the Task Force.  You may be asked to complete a WGI home study.


December 9th- Judges Basics and Principles 7:00PM MST

Presenter: Kevin Bell

December 16th – Judges Training and Basics 7:00PM MST

Presenter:  Kevin Bell

January 6th – Application of Judge Basics and Principles Exercise 7:00PM MST

Presenter: Judge Coordinator and Staff

January 13th – GE and Planning Effect 7:00 MST

Presenter: Blair Kuhn

January 15th - The Exploration of Movement; Both Upstairs and Downstairs Perspectives 7:00 MST

Presenter: Rob Billings

January 20th – Defining the "What" 7:00PM MST

Presenter:  Judge Coordinator and Staff


January 26th- Evaluation Show -  Rewarding the "What"

Presenter: Judge Coordinator and Staff


January 27th – Caption Ensemble 7:00PM MST

Presenter: William Chumley

February 3rd - Critique 7:00 MST

Presenter: Kevin Bell



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Workshop Webinar Schedule

by 15. October 2012 09:04


 Workshop Schedule

January 6th – Application of Judge Principles and Basics

This session is sponsored by RMCGA Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association.  All participants are welcome to participate.

Meeting time is 7:00 MST
Presenter: Judge Coordinator and Staff


January 13th – GE and Planning Effect  

This session is sponsored by RMCGA Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association.  All participants are welcome to participate.

Meeting time is 7:00 MST
Presenter:  Blair Kuhn


January 15th - The Exploration of Movement; Both Upstairs and Downstairs Perspectives

This session is sponsored by RMCGA Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association.  All participants are welcome to participate. 

Meeting time is 7:00 MST

Presenter: Rob Billings


January 20th – Defining the “What” 

This session is sponsored by RMCGA Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association.  All participants are welcome to participate. 

Meeting time is 7:00 MST
Presenter:  Judge Coordinator and Staff


January 26th- Evaluation Show - Rewarding the "What"

This session is sponsored by RMCGA Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association.  All participants are welcome to participate

Meeting time is 7:00 MST 

Presenter: Judge Coordinator and Staff

January 27th – A look at the Ensemble abortion pill info Caption

This session is sponsored by RMCGA Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association.  All participants are welcome to participate. 

Meeting time is 7:00 MST
Presenter: William Chumley


February 3rd - Critique 7:00 MST

This session is sponsored by RMCGA Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association.  All participants are welcome to participate. 

Meeting time is 7:00 MST

Presenter: Kevin Bell





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Internship Program

by 24. October 2011 21:17

MyBandStaff offers a paid Internship to abortion pill cost individuals who fit the following criteria.


Download flyer here.

InternshipFlyer_10.10.pdf (897.47 kb)


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MyBandStaff Workshop_How it Works

by 10. April 2011 07:32

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